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Meet 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries.

Taking On Fiduciary Investment Risk & Partnering With Financial Advisors To Support Their Clients Is What We Do Best. 

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  • Competitive Pricing - 5bps
  • Customizable Fund Menus
  • Quarterly Investment Reporting

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Competitive Pricing

Quarterly Investment Reporting

Flexible Investment Menus

Online Plan Vault

World Class Advisors LOVE Partnering with 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries

See For Yourself…

Ed C.

Financial Advisor
“3(38) Investment Fiduciaries allows me to focus on the big picture of managing retirement plans and leave the fund management to them. The fiduciary responsibility is a big part of retirement plans, they do that well…”

Brent G.

President & Managing Partner
“3(38) Investment Fiduciaries has proven to be an invaluable part of our 401k team. We benefit greatly from their analysis, reporting, client assistance and overall service.”

Frank N.

Benefits Executive
“3(38) has been a GREAT addition to my practice allowing me to streamline the investment reporting and data entry!”
The endorsements presented above were provided by certain advisors that serve the plan sponsor clients of 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries. Certain advisors were invited to voluntarily provide such endorsements, but no cash or non-cash compensation was provided in consideration of the statements made above. The endorsements made by the individuals above may not reflect the sentiments of all advisors or other third-parties, and we encourage you to independently evaluate 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries based on additional criteria that you deem appropriate. If you are interested in reviewing all or a representative sample of the testimonials received from the advisors we invited to provide such endorsements, feel free to contact us at any time. Video above is not meant to be legal advice. Please see our agreement for more information on what our services cover. 
Contact us now to learn how we can help!!!

So, Why 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries?

Let’s face it — Building & maintaining investment lineups is a commodity. 

BUT, the risk is real.... 

That’s Where We Comes In.

Our firm removes liability from our plan sponsor clients and acts as a 401(k) back office for our financial advisor partners! 

Do you want a 401(k) Back Office?

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But That’s Not All 3(38) Investment Fiduciaires Does...

We Give You Everything You Need To Grow Your Practice!!!!

All In One Convenient Spot!

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries Is…

Your Client's Outsourced Investment Fiduciary.

Your clients need a fiduciary. Your firm needs to focus on things that add value to your practice. Let our firm take on both the investment risk & day to day back office of the investment monitoring. All for 5bps...

Our fiduciary services cover:
  • Investment Monitoring 
  • ​Ongoing Due Diligence 
  • ​Fund Removal / Replacements 
  • ​Fund Mapping

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries Is…

Your Investment Reporting Process

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries will provide quarterly investment reviews & commentary to you & your clients. Our CFA inspired process is supported by our Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and other framework. 

With our investment reporting, you'll receive:
  • Quarterly investment reviews sent to you & your client.
  • ​Ongoing commentary & notes on investments that are underperforming.
  • Our Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as a framework for our process.

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries is....

Your Online Plan Vault

What if you & your client had a place to store all of the plan documents? Now you do! 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries maintains a plan vault (that you and your client can upload documents to) that houses all of the investment reviews that we run.  

3(38)if's Plan Vault will:
  • Organize your clients to help protect them as a fiduciary. 
  • ​​Allows you to use the plan vault & fiduciary folder in your marketing materials. 
  • Easily access plan & fiduciary information. 

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries is....

Available For Committe Meetings

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries can join you & your clients annual committee meetings (certain restrictions apply). Ensure your clients get all of their questions answered in the meeting.

With 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries in attendance: 
  • You can ensure your clients have the whole retirement plan team in one place to ensure compliance. 
  • You & your clients will be able to ask questions directly to the source (if committee has technical questions). 

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries is....

Your Sales Support

Have a lead but no sales process?!?! Let 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries help facilitate the RFP process for you & build the narrative on why the prospect should move.

With 3(38)if's Sales Support, you can...
  • Easily demonstrate your team's expertise and value with a variety of report options. 
  • ​Not waste time putting proposals together. 

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