3(38) Investment Fiduciaries is a solution for plan sponsors who want to minimize their retirement plan fiduciary investment exposure. We partner with financial advisors and plan consultants to build the investment offering available to their plan sponsor clients. Our firm will sign on as a 3(38) Investment Fiduciary to monitor, document, and execute fund changes. We will provide ongoing reporting on whether the funds are being placed on watch list or being removed that’s available in your online password protected plan portal.


Customizable Investment Lineups

We can provide standard lineups or can customize the investment lineup to your client and firm needs.

Updated Investment Reporting

Our firm will provide quarterly investment monitoring with commentary on funds placed on watchlist.

Online Plan Portal for Plan Sponsor Clients

You will be provided an online plan portal for each of your plan sponsor clients to organize their fiduciary files. Best of all, our advisors will have a single sign on to manage all of their clients.


Our office is available to attend the plan committee meetings via webinar to review the investments. (based on plan size).

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries is your 401k Back Office

DALBAR Certification

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries is excited to announce that we recently earned the 2018 DALBAR CERTIFICATION ADVISER AWARD. In order to earn the certification, we underwent an in-depth evaluation and an assessment of the alignment of our contract and services.


The due diligence is consistent with the guidelines provided by the United States Department of Labor for Advisers operating under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA) Section 3(38) and associated regulations.


A Retirement Plan Adviser that has earned the DALBAR Certification provides Individuals, Trustees and Fiduciaries the following benefits:

  • Independently affirms that our investment process follows a prudent process using generally accepted investment theory.
  • Gives comfort that the Adviser has been independently examined, deemed/found to be qualified, and has the written obligation to act in you and your employee’s best interest in a fiduciary capacity.
  • Allows Trustees and Fiduciaries of a Retirement Plan to use the Dalbar credentials to better comply with the regulation that requires fiduciaries to prudently select and monitor all investments used.
  • Confirms that our firm will explicitly state in writing that we are serving as the investment fiduciary.
  • Independently affirms that we have been highly effective in delivering the most important measures of an investment manager in areas of Trust, Performance, Advice and Service.
  • If you would like us to perform a fiduciary review of your Plan and or would like a full copy of the DALBAR report, feel free to email a request to 

Investment Process Methodology – Overview


3(38) Investment Fiduciaries follows a pass/fail criteria, on a scale of 0 to 100 (with 100 being the best) for active managers. This investment due diligence methodology incorporates both quantitative and qualitative factors in evaluating fund managers and their investment strategies.


Eighty percent of the fund’s score is quantitative which incorporates such factors as style, risk/return, and peer group rankings. The other 20% of the score is qualitative, taking into account things such as manager tenure and the fund’s expense ratio relative to the average fund expense ratio in that asset class category.