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Fiduciar(ease)™ Defined

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An organization that acts as your 401(k) Back Office to help you EASILY scale your retirement plan practice by:
  1. Becoming your client’s plan investment fiduciary.
  2. The ability to custom build investment lineups based on your practice and client specifications.
  3. Available for plan committee meetings.

Online Plan Vault (Accessible by Advisor & Plan Sponsor) – All reporting and documents are available online in your client and plan practice online plan vault.

Quarterly Investment Reporting & Monitoring Reports – Download the most recent investment report quarterly with commentary on any underperforming funds.

What Our Advisor Partners Are Saying

“3(38) Investment Fiduciaries allows me to focus on the big picture of managing retirement plans and leave the fund management to them. The fiduciary responsibility is a big part of retirement plans, they do that well…”

Ed C
Financial Advisor

“3(38) Investment Fiduciaries has proven to be an invaluable part of our 401k team. We benefit greatly from their analysis, reporting, client assistance and overall service.”

Brent G
President & Managing Partner

“3(38) has been a GREAT addition to my practice allowing me to streamline the investment reporting and data entry!”

Frank N
Benefits Executive

The endorsements presented above were provided by certain advisors that serve the plan sponsor clients of 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries. Certain advisors were invited to voluntarily provide such endorsements, but no cash or non-cash compensation was provided in consideration of the statements made above. The endorsements made by the individuals above may not reflect the sentiments of all advisors or other third-parties, and we encourage you to independently evaluate 3(38) Investment Fiduciaries based on additional criteria that you deem appropriate. If you are interested in reviewing all or a representative sample of the testimonials received from the advisors we invited to provide such endorsements, feel free to contact us at any time.

Protect Your Clients, Grow Your Practice

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries is a solution for plan sponsors who want to minimize their retirement plan fiduciary investment exposure. We partner with financial advisors and plan consultants to build the investment offering available to their plan sponsor clients.

  • We can create customizable fund menus for each of your clients.
  • We are platform agnostic and can work with any recordkeeper.

Investment Methodology

3(38) Investment Fiduciaries follows a pass/fail criteria, on a scale of 0 to 100 (with 100 being the best) for active managers. This investment due diligence methodology incorporates both quantitative and qualitative factors in evaluating fund managers and their investment strategies.

Eighty percent of the fund’s score is quantitative which incorporates such factors as style, risk/return, and peer group rankings. The other 20% of the score is qualitative, taking into account things such as manager tenure and the fund’s expense ratio relative to the average fund expense ratio in that asset class category.

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